WEDNESDAY September 27, 2017

CrossFit Momentum – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

Footwork/Ladder x10

Wall Squats x10

Overhead Wall Squats x10

Wall Press x10

Squat Hold Side-2-Side Rock x20

Squat OH Reaches x5 each side

KB Swings x20


Bar Muscle-ups (ME Set, then 8×30% of that max w/:30 rest)

Kipping Bar Muscle


Beginner: Jumping

Muscle Ups/Assisted


Plank Triathlon (AKA Cardio is Hardio) (Time)

Teams of 3/4:

Work through one portion at a time, 1 teammate is always in a plank.

– 5 Mile Bike

– 3K Row

– 1K Ski Erg

Teams can alternate start so that each group can use the Ski Erg. If still too many groups, 800m run switching every 200m.

Cool Down

Walk 200m

Wall Stretch 1 minute each leg, then lay with legs up on wall, one leg on top of opposite knee at 90 degrees

Extra Credit


Inverted Row 5×8

+ Band Pressdown


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