THURSDAY January 31, 2019

CrossFit Momentum – CrossFit


PVC Warm Up (No Measure)

With a weighted PVC or PVC

10 Pass Throughs

5 Around the World Each side

10 Back Squats

10 Twists each direction

10 Good Morning

10 Leg Swings Each Way

10 Reach down and Ups
Pec/Shoulder smash with lax/softball


Bench Press (5×5 at 15 rep max weight plus 5-10lbs (1/8/19))


10-15 banded pullaparts after each set.


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

18 Min EMOM

Min 1: 18 Russian Swings (24kg/16kg)

Min 2: Ski 250m/200m

Min 3: Shuttle Run 150ft

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