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CrossFit Momentum – VELOCITY


Hinshaw Runners Warm Up (No Measure)

high-knee karaoke, over the hurdle, knee to chest, figure four, Sampson Stretch, torso twist, toe touch, high knees, butt kicks, straight leg, sidestep and sidestep jumping jack, toes-out walk, toes-in walk, walk on heels, walk on toes, walk on outside of foot, walk on inside of foot


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

20 Minute AMRAP

400m Run

5 Deck Squats (w/or w/o KB)

7 Pushups

9 Double DB Deadlift
**Use HSPU mats as a modification for deck squats


Metcon (Weight)


20 Alternating Bird Dogs

50m Reverse Sled Drag

10 Deficit Push Up

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