"In just a couple weeks into my training at Momentum my body felt more healed than it had in over a decade."


I’ve been doing CrossFit 1 1/2 years — started by going 3 days a week, and after 6 months 5 days a week.

When I began CrossFit I came in with a long-term back injury, three herniated discs in my spine, a previous left ACL tear, and a right rotator cuff injury in my shoulder.

At Momentum I was trained to use proper form and build up. Momentum’s Velocity Class got me up and running, and Velocity and CrossFit combined keep me going (Phil now does 2-3 of each class per week).

In just a couple weeks into my training at Momentum my body felt more healed than it had in over a decade.

My goals have changed dramatically now that I’m 1.5 years in. When I began I was just hoping to be able to feel better but now I’m competing with my classmates in a very collegial but very real way. It seems like each month a new skill finally becomes possible and a new hurdle is put behind me, where once these hurdles seemed to have be impossible with tenacity they keep becoming tangible. My goal is simply to keep improving, not to become complacent, to prove I can still achieve more.

I wasn’t ever expecting to find a community of people so supportive. I wasn’t ever expecting to be able to be pain free ever in my life but I am. It wasn’t ever expecting to be able to run 4 miles ever, let alone just as part of a work out. I’m able to be a better husband, a more capable father and a far better role model for my children. In times of difficulty I have stamina and I have strength I previously did not know. Mentally emotionally and physically I am a far more capable human than before Momentum improved me. I look forward to going five days a week, sometimes to 7 classes and rarely miss a day, almost regardless of life circumstances.

I’ve lost about 20 pounds, and 9% body fat. After our morning WOD most of the day’s challenges following the challenges we had in the workout seem easier.

To the new crossfitter coming in: I would strongly suggest you trust in your body’s capability to change, despite whatever the terrible monologue is that runs through your mind of self doubt. That’s all just nonsense. If you can just keep coming for a month, you’ll be hooked. It’s amazing how much you can change years of physical dogma you’ve told yourself in just 30 days of doing CrossFit. If that doesn’t do it for you, come for the supportive community and new friends. You can change your life…

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