"Because of CrossFit Momentum, I’m literally a new person!"


CrossFit Momentum came into my life a year ago, and it’s not only been amazing to work out with an awesome group of people there, it’s actually been a LIFE- SAVER. Like, in the true meaning of the words! I came in at a below zero level. I had never tried CrossFit, but I also was fresh out of chemo, major surgery, and radiation~ my body was a complete wreck. But my coaches have taken me step by step since day 1, and have helped me gain confidence, strength, and a better chance to stay cancer-free. To this day, they still know how to gently push me just enough, while making sure I’m working correctly… Because of CrossFit Momentum, I’m literally a new person!!

I cannot say enough about the owners and their passion for their athletes! But I also adore the community as well. I have never felt judged by ANYone at Momentum. I have only felt support from each person there. The workouts kick my butt. But I keep going back… and I’m grateful that I can.
This place ROCKS.

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