CrossFit Momentum – VELOCITY

Some of you may remember our 12 Days of WODs Challenge last December! We’ll be bringing it back just in time to get them all in before our Christmas Eve 12 Days WOD. Today’s Velocity WOD is just a reminder of how “fun” this was. This is a repeat and will not count toward this year’s Challenge.


Warm-up (No Measure)

12 Air Squats

12 V-Ups

12 Lunges with Elbow Drop (total)

12 Squat Drops

12 Russian Twists

12 Sampson Stretch (Total)

12 Squat with 1 Arm Overhead Reach

12 Toe Reach Crunch

12 Mountain Climbers (Each Side)


12 Days of CrossFit WOD #1 – L’Rock’s Revenge (Calories)

10 rounds:

30 seconds max calories devils tricycle (assault bike)

30 second plank hold

Mark Total Calories in score and Time in comments for score

* 20 Min. Time Cap
*Athletes to do a full 30 second sprint on the bike and a full 30 second plank. *Athletes may rest in between movements as needed as long as they stay within the time cap.

*If no Bikes available, athletes can alternate with a partner or use Rower or Ski Erg.

Cash Out


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