CrossFit Momentum – VELOCITY


Glute/Hamstring Prep (No Measure)

200m Run/Row or Ski

10 Fire Hydrants Each Side

10 Toe Reach Crunch

10 Alternating Bird Dogs

10 Inchworm to Pushup

10 Leg Swings Each Way

5 Standing Pigeon Each Side

1 Minute Box Pigeon Each Side

2×30 Second hamstring stretch on box each side


**Going into a phase where athletes may use choice of weighted barbell or KBs/DBs for strength accessory work.

Romanian Deadlift (3×3 @ *3311)

*Tempo example: 3 seconds down, 3 second hold at bottom, 1 second up, pause 1 second before next rep

Kang Squats (3×3 at 3131)

Good Morning to Squat to Good Morning to Stand

L-Sit (3x Max Time)


Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

4 Minute AMRAP, 2 Min Rest

3 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

6 Russian KB Swings

9 Goblet Squats

12 Burpees

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