stars“Before joining Crossfit Momentum the entire world of CrossFit was this very mysterious, intimidating workout plan that I didn’t think I would be capable of. Crossfit Momentum has made me stronger in so many ways, and it has raised the bar for what I will always be looking for in a fitness facility..”

-Sierra Q.

Mer Manahan

stars“Ah Momentum. I can’t say enough good things about this place. From the great programming, to the amazing coaches and the incredible camaraderie and atmosphere the community here brings.”

-Mer M.

Michelle Lodini

stars“AMAZING! Dropped in for a few weeks during my time home and felt immediately welcome! The community is very lively, encouraging and supportive of each other. All of the coaches are extremely knowledgable and helpful, they pay attention and work with every athlete, no matter the class size (big or small!) “

-Michelle L.

Julianne Farewell

stars“I have been going to Crossfit Momentum for almost 4 years now, and to this day I am there almost every day and I never get sick of it! Not only the programming of the workouts, but the people and community that this gym offers is unlike any other. I am stronger and fitter than I ever imagined I could be, and I also gained many lifelong friends! Crossfit Momentum has truly changed my life.”

-Julianne F.