What CrossFitters ask Santa for


By: Natalie Anderson

Are you dating a CrossFitter on the nice list this year and need some inspiration to make his or her “Fitmas Wish List” come true? OR, are you the parent of someone who does CrossFit and have NO CLUE what to get your child this holiday season? No worries! We have you covered!

Here’s a list of items that are guaranteed to earn you some brownie points and make your loved one happy this Christmas AND hit some major PR’s in the upcoming year.

  1. Hoodie season is the best season; it’s cold outside and everybody needs new cozy sweats to get them though the winter. Check out your local CrossFit gym and snag a hoodie and some comfy joggers to keep your loved one warm on the way to and from the gym while repping their favorite box!
  2. Protein, Bro! The Chocolate Peanut Butter Ascent Protein is the top choice at CrossFit Momentum and likely across the nation! It is DELICIOUS! The average for-fun-fitnesser goes through one bag per month, which adds up over the course of a year!  Post workout protein shakes are essential in building muscle and recovery and you will be thanked for all those winter gainz. Help them stock up by grabbing a few bags at your local gym.
  3. Massage Gift Voucher. We’ve heard it before: “OMG I am SOOO sore!” Help your loved one out by finding a local massage therapist that specializes in sports massages and give the gift of recovery and relaxation. Go the extra step and book a couples massage- it’s a win win gift.
  4. Rogue Fitness! This is your one stop shop for all the CrossFit gifts. A Rogue Fitness Gift Card is a great way to allow the freedom for your CrossFitter to get exactly what they want. Out with the old and in with the new! Wrist wraps, knee sleeves, tanks and gym bags oh my! Anything your loved one needs can be found at Rogue.
  5. Fitness Gift Bundle! The ultimate personalized gift under the tree would be an all-inclusive gift bundle with all THE MUST HAVES! Again, stop by your local CrossFit gym and either buy all the snacks and swag to make a bundle of your own OR some gyms may have bundles put together for you (like CrossFit Momentum). This will include clothing and accessories with the gym name on it plus some pre and post-workout snacks and treats. A personalized gift bundle is the perfect way to say I support your obsession with CrossFit and support you in all your fitness goals!