WEDNESDAY November 28, 2018

CrossFit Momentum – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

2 Min Couch Stretch Each Side

DB Warm Up (No Measure)


8 Single Leg RDL each

8 DB half kneeling press each (hold db in opposite hand than forward knee)

8 DB High Pull Each arm

8 Lateral Lunges holding DB

8 DB Goblet Squats

8 Calories


Back Squat (4×5 – E2:30 – Start at ~65% )

2 Second Pause at the bottom of reps 1 and 2, then the last 3 reps at regular pace. No bounce after the pause.


Metcon (Distance)

5 Minute Row into 5 Minute Ski into 5 Minute Bike

Every minute on the minute including the first minute – 5 Air Squats
Score is Total Meters (1km on bike = 1000m)

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