CrossFit Momentum – VELOCITY


PVC Warm Up (No Measure)

With a weighted PVC or PVC

10 Pass Throughs

5 Around the World Each side

10 Back Squats

10 Twists each direction

10 Good Morning

10 Leg Swings Each Way

10 Reach down and Ups


Metcon (Time)

250m Row or Ski (.6km bike)

10 Ring Rows

10 Situps

10 DB Step Ups

500m Row or Ski (1.2km bike)

15 Ring Rows

15 Situps

15 DB Step Ups

750m Row or Ski (1.8km Bike)

20 Ring Rows

20 SitUps

20 DB Step Ups

1000m Row or Ski (2.5km bike)

Cash Out

50 Burpees for time (Time)

To 6″ target

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