CrossFit Momentum – VELOCITY


Hamstrings & Shoulders (No Measure)

20 Alternating Foot Pedals

10 DownDog to Pushup

10 Deep Lunge (keep hands planted, alternate legs)

10 2-point Squats

10 Hands Only inchworms – reach out beyond shoulders

10 Side Plank with Reach through

10 Standing cross body reach

10 Hands overhead Shrug and release

10 Leg swings each way


3x at each station, alternate through stations.

Tall Kneeling KB Press (3 Reps Each Alternating Arm Heavy KB Press 31X1)

Start on knees with extended hips. Focus on squeezing abs and glutes to keep in the tall kneeling position

Bench Press (6 Bench Press 32X1)

Ring Plank hold (30 seconds to 1 Minute hold)


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

EMOM x 20

Min 1: 10 Ring PushUps or Regular Pushups

Min 2: 20 Squat Jacks

Min 3: Row 15/12 Calories

Min 4: 5-7 Plank Ups Each Side
Score total rounds completed

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