THURSDAY December 6, 2018

CrossFit Momentum – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

High Hips Bear Crawl Forward

High Hips Bear Crawl Backward

Inchworm Walk out to pushup

Walking Single Leg hinge and toe touch

Monster Walks

Lateral Plank Walk left

Lateral Plank Walk Right

5 low kick Handstand kick ups (away from wall)

2×30 second HS Hold on wall

T-Spine Opening Mobility


Handstand Walk (EMOM x 10)

**HS Walkers: 5ft first min, 10ft 2nd, 15ft 3rd, etc. Go back down if you don’t make it the required feet in that minute.

**Almost there: Min 1: Shoulder taps on wall, Min 2: Kick up and walk into wall practice

**Just learning: Min 1: Handstand Kick up practice, Min 2: Pike on box, Walking around the box


Metcon (Calories)

1 Wall Walk

2 High Box Jumps

30ft Double KB or DB Overhead Carry (16kg/12kg)

30 Second Bike, Row or Ski Sprint

Rest as needed

6 Rounds for quality

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