K8’s Pregnant WOD!

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9 Months till Delivery (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

9 Month (Minute) AMRAP (with a partner):

9 MedBall Burp(the bab)ee Box Step Overs each (while partner holds other medball)

9 Synchro Medball Situps

9 Medball Squats Each (while partner holds ball on knees in a wall sit)

**Every time the ball drops both partners owe 10 Hops over the ball


40 Weeks (Time)

For Time with a partner (break up as needed. One partner must be holding the medball):

40 PullUps or ring rows

400ft Shuttle Run to the Delivery Room

40 Double Kettlebell Suitcase/Baby Bag Deadlifts (32/24kg)

400ft Farmer Carry (32/24kg)

Rx+ With a weight vest throughout

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