FRIDAY December 7. 2018

CrossFit Momentum – CrossFit


Glute Prep (No Measure)

With a small band under knees:

Forward walk (knees out 1/4 squat)

Backward Walk

Side step left

Side step right

15 Squats

Then without Band:

Monster Walks

Walking Pigeon

Spiderman Lunge

Walking Quad Stretch

30 Toe Reach Crunch


Back Squat (4×4, with 1st two of each set pause squats E2:30)

Each Set 2 Pause (2 Seconds) plus 2 regular

Start at 65%

15 second L-Sit Hold after each

Pause squat for first 2 squats of each set, then drive straight out of hole no bounce


Metcon (Time)

9 Reps Down to 1 Rep for Time:

Double KB or DB Front Rack Lunges (each Leg) 35/25lbs

Calorie Row, SKi or Bike

Weighted Situps (25/15#)
Rx+ 24/16kg

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