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Dina S

Career: Realtor


Regained consistency and it's paying off!

We’re proud to announce Dina as our Athlete of the Month for October! Dina has attended CrossFit Momentum for 4 years and through hard work and dedication over the past couple months has seen some big progress with multiple big PR’s and improved energy in WODs. So far this month Dina has already attended 18 classes and just PR’d her 2RM Power Clean at 125# and her Push Jerk by 15# at 125#!

Dina offers a piece of advice to anyone who’s hesitant to start CrossFit: “I was hesitant for too long. I had to join with my wife, because I was intimidated to come alone. The way everyone opens their arms to new members is amazing. Just come in and see what it’s about. I promise you won’t quit.”

Dina did a little Q&A with us:

What made you decide to join a CrossFit gym? Tell us a bit about your first few weeks at Momentum:
⚡️I joined CrossFit Momentum March 2015. I asked for a month membership for my birthday. I’d heard so much about it and Finally decided to try it out. I instantly loved it and have been coming ever since. It’s hard to remember the first few weeks, but I do remember how supportive and willing to help everyone was. I also remember watching these athletes, especially the girls, with wide eyes and envy.
What is one thing you have you learned since starting at CrossFit Momentum?
⚡️What I’m capable of. I’m quick to say “I can’t do this” I STILL SAY IT! But I end up doing it, finishing it and feeling great afterwards.
If you could magically master one CrossFit movement, which would it be?
⚡️I would love to be able to do butterfly pull-ups. I just can’t figure out the movement!
What makes you come back day after day?
⚡️The people! I love everyone at this gym. The social aspect of CrossFit is one of the main things that keeps me coming. We (me and Suzie) moved here from Manhattan and knew no one in Rockland! Now we have a ton of friends we wouldn’t have if not for CrossFit Momentum.
Now rapid fire:
Clean or snatch?
Front squat or back squat?
⚡️Back squat
Rower or Ski erg?
Wall balls or box jumps?
⚡️Wall balls
Pull-ups or toes to bar?
⚡️Pull ups
Cardio WOD or barbell WOD?
Who is your choice for a partner WOD?
⚡️Honestly anyone willing to partner. Preferably a little better than me, this way I’m pushed. Lord knows I need a push.
Favorite class time to WOD at?

Favorite restaurant/cafe in Nyack?
⚡️Joe n joe and pie lady
Pizza or ice cream?
⚡️Pizza omg wait! Ice cream!

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